sustainable landscaping

Sustainability is a critical part of the NAO Landscapes ethos from the decisions we make as a team on our personal vehicles to the tools we use (electric powered over petrol as much as possible).

And, of course, eco landscaping is a critical part of the design and delivery process. From inception to realisation, we are looking at the ‘bigger picture’ and making decisions based on environmental impact.

eco car charging is part of sustainable landscaping
sustainable landscaping
Just as every design is bespoke, each project’s sustainability demands differ. However, some of our evergreen sustainability policies include:

Locally sourced materials

Sourcing materials as close as possible to the project location is beneficial for a number of reasons such as supporting the local economy and accessing high quality materials. From a sustainability point of view, using local suppliers reduces transportation time and therefore emissions.

Water Recycling

Water is a precious commodity that needs conserving. Our water recycling initiatives which can be incorporated into projects, are growing in popularity as climate change continues to demand our attention.

Drought resistant planting

Due its climate, Australian landscapers have been considering drought resistant planting for some time and Nick brings this knowledge and experience with him to these shores. As the climate in the UK changes, especially with considerably warmer temperatures in the summer, drought resistant planting is critical to ensuring a long lifespan for a project.